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Rifle Barreling


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First and formost, it prevents the bullet from tumbling end over end. Tumbling causes the point of impact to be more randomized. Kind of like a falling leaf fluttering to and frow as it falls.

Also, the axial spin along the line of travel evens out the effect of any surface imperfections, further reducing the 'falling leaf' effect.

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you can see the effect for yourself at lower speeds. Throw a football with and without spin and see which throw is more accurate and farther.


Well, this shows that it does happen. But why? Is it really only the prevention of tumbling that kevinalm suggested?

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So to summerize: It evens out structual imperfections of the bullet and minimizes atmospheric variables?


P.S. does anyone recall some member having evil Spock as there avatar? (bearded devilish looking spock) If so i think ill have to go with socrates.

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And it gyroscopically stabilizes the bullet, keeping it from tumbling.


Mr. Spock would be ajb, I think. He's around here somewhere.


Is that evil spock? bearded?


oh wait i wish i could delete, i can search.


SWEET! evil spock it is.

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