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User feedback on forum changes


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Define main page. This page or the forum index?


We're talking about adjusting the forum index, which should have a login form on the upper right. A login form on the home page would be a good idea, though.


Oh, sorry, I thought we were talking about the home page. Someone did mention the front page, which usually means a home page. Kind of odd that the page you'd first visit wouldn't have a login screen.

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I wish there was some simple hack that would allow for you to tick a box when writing a thread that it is a HH question and then it could drop into the normal forum but with a (HW) in the title or similar...


Actually, there is. vB 3.7 offers thread "prefixes", which can be chosen from an admin-defined list and show up in front of the thread title. So you'd have a thread that says "[Homework] combinatorics problem" or something.

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I like the forum as it is now BUT i don't see any problem about changing it or removing the homework section.


I think removing it will be really good for the forum since I can see many people registering and posting one thread to solve their HW problems, then they just give up the forum.

I don't intend to say that people won't keep doing it, but I think they won't be jailed in HW section... I think new members will be able to see all around and know the forum and not only their HW thread.

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Thanks to you all for the feedback!


Currently my thoughts are to get rid of homework help, and replace it with the tagging scheme that Klaynos has suggested. I think, after some consideration, that it would probably provide the kind of system that we're all fairly happy with. Since there's been no real opposition to the change in forum layout, I may go and implement that tonight.


Thanks for all your help!

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