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lye and sugar

the guy

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What do you get when you react lye (sodium hyroxide) solution with sugar? I have tried it with aluminium and got hydrogen gas which I filled balloons with and I was wondering what you get with sugar.


:-)It amazes me how much fun you can get from household products:D

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it`s been a while since I experimented with these sugar salts, but I`ll try look up some of the old sources when I get a little more time, meanwhile google for Sucrates and Saccharates.

it also works well with Calcium metal, and I also made a Barium version too, I`ll post a pic later.

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Lye & Sugar when heated together are a source of Carbon Monoxide.

You can check wikipedia under Carbon Monoxide

Not recommended unless you REALLY WANT Carbon Monoxide.


ANYWAY hydrogen is so fun why would you want something else.

Also if you get the Lye solution in an eye the damage is permanent.

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