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So I am starting my 3rd year of college, but I am only going part time, as I work full time. I am 20 years old. I have struggled long and hard about what I want to get my degree in, "what I want to be when I grow up," etc. I have always been interested in the health care profession (my mom was a paramedic), and I am currently getting my EMT.


From here I need some help with where to go. I have thought strongly about becoming a PA, but I need some help with what will be the best way?


1. Should I finish my EMT, and work as such while I get a BA/BS in something else, (currently I am a family studies major). more/higher education


2. Or should I continue with my EMT, further to get my medic liscense, and then go to PA school. more medical experience


I realize that getting into a PA school is difficult, and that it takes some dediation, so I dont forsee going to such for at least 5 years. But it is in the mean time that I am not sure about. I dont care if you are a PA already, just getting into the program, or just have some good info for me, please let me know what you think.. Thanks!

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you may want to try asking around at Student doctor forums:http://forums.studentdoctor.net/index.php?


There's more medical people there who'll be able to answer these types of questions.

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I'm not sure what all the requirements are to get into PA school, but those I do know who have entered it, generally had a BS degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biochem or the like. My understanding is that it was similar to a master's program (took 2 years IIRC).


I would contact schools that you are interested in.

Here's a link to help you track down schools near you so you can check out what there requirements are.


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If you are really interested in street medicine and/or want to be a PA for the extened scope of practice it may afford you, paramedic may not be a bad thing. Just be prepared for stressfull situations, lots bullshit, very ugly situations, a sore back, no praise and not being understood even by fellow medical proffesionals. Oh and I forgot... falling asleep in wierd places.

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