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How many Push Ups can u do


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well, from the looks of it this bunch is real buff .... perhaps carrying calculators, laptops etc. "portable" stuff has made a difference.


You have to understand that people exaggerate alot on the internet. Every forum you go to will have this. I don't know why this is but it's very true.


Like for example. I wieghtlifted for 2 years on and off. At the highest point I could bench 185 - 200ibs MAX, Now if your really in wieghtlifting thats not really impressive at all. You lie alittle. That using Free wieghts so what about those univerisal machines? The vertical bench press, I could bench 60 pounds more on those, or what about the assisted bench press with the free wieght form, maybe 30 extra on there.


Now I could say I bench 230 - 260.


Personally If at the moment I can do maybe 25-30 push ups if I did it for week straight of REALLY trying. If you were to test me right now, 15 - 20 good push ups max. I am 220ibs though so give me a break.


Hell I could say I do 100 push ups (or Severian EXTREME example), but no one here could prove me wrong unless they knew me, so whats stopping me? I am not say people can't do 100 push ups, but I also know alot of extremely active people who have problems with that many in one set.


Watch, open a thread about martial arts. Everyone will be black belts of 6 different styles.

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i been doing push ups and sit ups for the last 7 years. I cant go over 100 too much, By teh time i get to 100 push ups my arms really begin to hurt and cant support my wieght. But beleive me i can do 100 good effort pushups

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I can probally do about 30-40 in a minute if i was pushed, i prefer to do dumbells though lift about 700 KG per arm every morning, they are pretty light but they work from strenth rather than bulk muscle, i really need a heavier set, but it is getting round to buying them that is the problem and i haven't get anywhere to put them either. :-(

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