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The Fifth Dimension


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I am putting forward the idea of The fifth dimension. I see it as the change an object exhibits and importantly the planes they move into when forces internal or external (or no force at all) are applied. Some examples


1) Evolution causes an object to move in the fifth dimension

2) The forces acting on a planet cause it to move in the fifth dimension

3) Getting hooked on crack causes one to move in the fifth dimension


These objects exhibit characteristics relative to their place in the fifth dimension.


Taking the last example the crack addict could wind up as a hopeless bum if he hadn't taken crack in the first place he could've been wealthy which is why I call the fifth dimension "The Jesus Dimension"


Just in the same way we can move in the three dimensions we can also move in the fourth but it takes intelligence as you can still walk in the other three dimensions and fall into a pit.

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Started off ok, considering physics in 5 dimensions is a useful thing. There are some clever results in 5-d general relativity for example that can be applied to 4-d general relativity for example. The extra symmetries we can have including a fifth dimension (or more) can be very useful. (Also see Kaluza-Klein theories).


Then you post 3) and then "Jesus dimension"? Sure fire way to get banned.


Maybe we could hijack this thread to discuss results in 5-d general relativity, if anyone is interested?

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lets hijack this thread?
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We live in 11 dimensions, but we can only see in 3 dimensions.

Go to youtube and type in

'' 11th Dimension " and you will se a great video.



That's right according to M-theory.

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Exactly! The video explains it very well with animations and etc.

I had to watch it about 3 times to understand it all though xD

the last dimensions make little sense at first, but they have logic if you think about it.

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I doubt any video will explain it very well, but I will take your word on that.


Now we are in Pseudoscience and Speculations I am not sure I should post this, but anyway...


For those that are interested in the 5th dimension have a look at the 5D Space-Time Consortium. The consortium is coordinated by Paul S. Wesson.


One paper by Mashhoon and Wesson sounds very interesting to me; An Embedding for General Relativity and its Implications for New Physics, arXiv:0705.0067v1 [gr-qc]. At some point soon I may read it more carefully, if anyone want to read it also as a "virtual reading group" then we can post notes and comments. (In a new thread presumably).


Also, if you do a search for "t 5-dimension#" in SPIRES, you get 50 papers. So lots to read!

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