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Probably not, unless any bit buildings fall and create a lot of dust.


I doubt it'd create enough turbulence in the air to do much else. Air is not good at wave propagation... it's far too lossy, and there will be problems with the wave moving from one medium to another...

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"Since GPS signals at terrestrial receivers tend to be relatively weak, it is easy for other sources of electromagnetic radiation to desensitize the receiver, making acquiring and tracking the satellite signals difficult or impossible.


Solar flares are one such naturally occurring emission with the potential to degrade GPS reception, and their impact can affect reception over the half of the Earth facing the sun. GPS signals can also be interfered with by naturally occurring geomagnetic storms, predominantly found near the poles of the Earth's magnetic field.[44] GPS signals are also subjected to interference from Van Allen Belt radiation when the satellites pass through the South Atlantic Anomaly."

what is van Allen Belt radiation & geomagnetic storms

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It's when the solar wind causes the magnetosphere to fluctuate....


Van Allen Belt radiation is something I actually had to look up...


But now I've seen it on wp I remember...




Basically you get trapped charge in the earths magenetic field... have a look at a penning trap



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