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How does hypnosis work?

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How possible is it for most people to reach the gamma stage synthetically, like by a hypnotist.

Also is day dreaming like a stage of hypnosis?


{edit} dismiss the daydreaming part i should have read the link before posting :D

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Uhm okay. It's not easy to get to Gamma. It's also not something you would gain dramatically by doing. You can get powerful effects on your body (through subconsciousness) with reaching deep alpha and deep beta too.

As I said, I'm doing self-hypnosis meditation. I've reached gamma ONCE.

And I'm not sure about that either. I think I have because of the effects I felt while meditating (it was unbelievable).


I think it's (like all psychological things) a lot to do with concentration.


hope I answered your question :)



I'm going to try and find more links about this specific meditation technics, so you might be able to test it out yourselves and see what I mean.


Take into account it takes practice... it might be "weird" at the first few times. You're supposed to get relaxed and deeply concentrated. Time and Practice, gets your subconscious used to this... and then it's unbelievable.

I'm barely taking pills - even headache pills - I just do self-hypnosis. It works.




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umm...i have a question about all of this. Could you use hypnosis to make you work harder, study more etc? I remeber when this famous hypnotist came to our school and hypnotised 6kids (started off with like 50 but more and more started waking up) and at the end he told the kids before they wake up that they will feel good and awake and that they will study hard and get good scores on the next test. But because it was near the end of the year we had no more tests/quizzes.

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