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can man Fly!


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I must point out another issue with this -- the problem is not so much how high you jump (there ARE ways, specifically with the help of equipment, to get quite a significant height) - the problem would be the return-trip to earth and the consequential thud.


As the saying goes -- it's not the fall that kills you, it's hitting the ground.


If you're interested in making men fly (without an airplane..) you must tackle their way down (or rather try to make them NOT come down so fast).. going up is less of a problem.

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Weight and gravity are two different things.. The body may be able to hold twice as much weight but if gravity were to be increased your heart would weigh down twice as much including all other parts of the body. Which means you would indeed be crushed.


you do know that most humans can take 5g if they're sitting down don't you. and a few can go all the way up to 9g for a while.


2g would be very uncomfortable but you would still be able to function in it.

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