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Making an ant farm...

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The main problem is that I couldn't find that old woman! hmm.. there must be a way of luring her out of the nest! She has got to move somehow! probably making a more comfortable toilet!


the queen won't likely to move out on her own unless she senses imminent danger to her. not even if you candy-coat a gold brick. she has to be found and either dug-out or plucked-out in most cases. also, desite her size, she may be quite fast if the situation warrants.

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Sorry for the perhaps very stupid question, but doesn't the queen ant have wings?


No meaning to upset you guys by raising more difficulties, but that may add a difficulty if you find her and need to catch her...




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Queen ants have wings UNTIL they become the mother of a colony, meaning that as soon as they become a bag of eggs they lose their wings (as they wouldn't be able to fly anyway). As for any other subject, I'm no help- I only read about ants (I had planned to do something with them for a science fair, but the science fair never happened...).

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