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Hi All,


This might seem a little unusual, but I'm a social scientist who has always had a keen interest in physics. Having just completed my PhD I now have time to devote this pursuit. I was wondering if anyone might suggest some texts that I could use for self study. I took undergraduate courses in classical and quantum mechanics, as well as, electromagnetic theory. I'm hoping to learn physics at the graduate level (to include classical mechanics, electromagnetism, quantum, and statistical mechanics). I have a fairly rigorous background in mathematics (functional analysis, dynamical systems, real analysis, etc.); however, I would also be interested in getting feedback on mathematical techniques that I should acquire.


I really appreciate any available help!




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Was your doctorate in maths? If so, there will be little in the course that will be a real concern - i.e. the hardest problem may be nth order differential equations, multivariable calculus, fourier series, lambda calculus and possibly numerical solutions to PDE's.

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