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SFN Nominates New Resident Experts

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It's been a long, long time since we last nominated resident experts, and we've noticed some new expert faces among the members since then. To help recognize those members who have shown expertise and knowledge on the forums, we've promoted over the past few days five members to Resident Expert status:


  • Bignose - Maths Expert
  • CharonY - Biology Expert
  • D H - Physics Expert
  • hermanntrude - Chemistry Expert
  • Klaynos - Physics Expert
  • lucaspa - Biology Expert


On behalf of all the staff here at SFN, I'd like to welcome the new experts to the team, and thank them for their contributions to SFN.

Edited by Cap'n Refsmmat
oops. Sorry, hermanntrude
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Moderator Note

On 5th May 2015 Mordred was appointed as Physics Expert. Congratulations; a just reward for some great posts, patient explanations, and a plethora of ever-ready references.

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