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Advice for New Comp. Sci. Student.

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Hello! I've just joined here and have a few questions. First question is: I understand that a lot of comp sci people are very articulate with their opinions or with whatever they have to say. I was wondering what I should read or really pay close attention to so that I can too be able to say what I mean without stuttering or searching for the right words to say?


Second Question: I'm scared at the Math courses inherent in all of the comp. sci. courses. (e.g. discrete math and linear algebra) Any tips as to how I can survive such classes? Thanks.

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For the math courses:

- Attend the lectures (mandatory in many countries, anyways).

- Make notes during the class and look them over some time after the class (same evening or a day after) and possibly rewrite them in a more readable form for later usage.

- Try doing all the homework; the questions are not given because the teachers wouldn't know the answers themselves but because the teachers know that it takes some practical experience to learn what is being said. Contrary to school the "learning by doing"-effect is really big in university-level mathematics.

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Something I cannot stress enough: Read, read, read. Pickup books on specific CS topics or languages and read em...and write some software to apply to concepts. A lot of CS students just do projects that are required for class...but do not know how to do anything else. Learn as much as you can on your own.


Also, just do all your math homework and you should be fine.

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