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My shift keys periodically decide to not work. Yes, shift keyS as in both of them at the same time. It seems to be completely random. I used to be able to "fix" it by pulling out the usb cord and putting it back in. Occasionally it seems to start working if I pound the key a few times, but not always, and that might just be a coincidence.


Even though I don't think its a hardware issue, since they both always crap out at the same time, I tried cleaning out everything. I tried replacing batteries, and my main instinct was that there is something wrong with the driver, but I can't seem to find a replacement for that. There are only two things that seem to consistently fix it. Time, if I just go about my business for long enough they eventually start working again for no apparent reason. And restarting, if I do full restart, not just log out and in, the problem goes away.


Any ideas are welcome.



(dont be offended if i argue with your idea, its not so much that i dont want to listen to you as just my way of trying to fully understand whats going on. anyone who still remembers me probably knows this :) )

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