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what type of ram do i have?

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Well, one way of doing so is by downloading 3DMark 03 or 05 depending on your computer. Using the scan function, it shows you everything about your computer. You can get them here. And beyond that, it's an incredibly useful program for finding out how much your computer PWNS or sucks.

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Most ram (even in pre-built computers) will have a sticker on it telling you size and speed, or at least a model number you can Google for more info. If all else fails, you can at least count up the pins. Generally, you can run fast ram in old computers, it will just be limited by the computer.


A 32 bit operating system can only address 4 gigabytes of ram, but some of the address space is used for other things, so you can’t really use much more than 3 gigabytes. You might also be limited by the number of slots on the motherboard, though I think you can get 2GB modules these days.

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