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force problem

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the question is calculate the force (magitude and direction) on the -800nC


the -800nC is in the orgin

-y axis -200nC and is .02m from th e orgin


x axis -200nC and it is .06 from the orgin


now i labeled the starting from the -y axis q1, orgin q2 and the X axis is q3

F23 = 8.99E9 * -800E-9 * -200E-9/ .06^2 = .4 N Xvalue

F12 = 8.99E9 * -800E-9 * -200E-9/ .02^2 = 3.6 N Y value

F = squar root .4^2 + 3.6 ^2

f = 2.07 N


the direction tan-1 (3.6/.4) = 83.7 degrees below the X axis


are these correct


thanks joe

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A charged object has a mass of 9.11E-31 kg and a charge of 1.602E-19coul. Calculate the strength of the electric field that would provide a force to the weight of the charged object.


This is what I have so far


F = Ee/m 1.602E-19 * 1.6 E-19 / 9.11E-31 = 2.81E-8 N


is this correct :confused:

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