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FOIS GRAS - should be served with a pipe down the throat


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I have to admit complete ignorance to foie gras prior to this recent removal of the ban. I think this is an easy case of animal cruelty for no good reason if I ever heard of one. If these stories are accurate, dog fighting is better than this, IMO. :-(


Indeed, specially since there are fake ones (I know, I like 'em) that are actually pretty damn good, and *VERY* good quality and taste, that are made from other parts of the animal, hence removing the need for this cruel treatment of the animal.

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This stuff looks and tastes like cat food any way. I don't see how it's cruel. The goose doesn't feel any pain. Take a look a a diagram of a goose's throat sometime and you'll see why.


As far as I understand it, the throat isn't the problem, the stomach and liver are, and the force-feeding isn't very pleasant, to say the least.

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I've watched a documentary about it on TV.

It's a horrible cruelty definitely.

I don't like FOIS GRAS and the way it's made make me really sick... I hate cruelty with animals specially when it involves human interests.

It's disgusting. I can't understand where are the animal protection bodies which were supposed to eliminate this type of routine.

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