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chemistry question #1


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Naphthalene, a substance present in some mothballs, has an enthalpy of vaporization of 49.4kl/mol. If the vapor pressure of naphthalene is .300mmhg at 298K, what is the temp at which the vapor pressure is 7.6x10^2mmhg?

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Revise phase equilibria and Raoults law.


P is the vapour pressure of the solution, [math]P^y[/math]=vapour pressure of the pure solvent [math]m[/math]=mole fraction of solvent in the solution.

Use [math]pV=nRT[/math] to find kelvin.

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honestly, the ideal gas law might or might not help, but the clausius clapeyron equation is designed for exactly this situation:


[math]\ln(\frac{P_{2}}{P_{1}}) = \frac{\Delta H_{vap}}{R}(\frac{1}{T_{1}}-\frac{1}{T_{2}})[/math]


apologies for the non-greek spelling for delta, but latex wouldnt accept the symbol. Note that you're given the deltaHvap and T1 and P1 and P2. just solve for T2

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fixed the greek - you just needed to put a space after it and a \ before it. - ecoli (also fixed the ln - Cap'n)
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