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Déjà Vu...Could this be true???


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One of my favorite roller coasters is named Déjà Vu, because first you go through the course one way then you go through it the other way again. I wrote this in my My Space blog. I don't really feel like rewriting the whole thing to make it fit better for this post, so just remember what I originally wrote this for. I KNOW I am going to get a bunch of sh*t for posting this, but I suppose you can go ahead and say "you have this wrong" and "you have this wrong". But whatever. I want to post it anyway!


"Could the ride be right? We all thought that the definition of déjà vu was a little skewed when you put it with the ride. Yes, you go through the same thing twice, but once forward and once backward...so it really isn't true déjà vu, right? So, in other words we perceive déjà vu as going through something twice (or feeling like you've gone through something twice) but in the same direction. So to make the ride make most sense with the name Déjà Vu, you'd go through exactly the same thing either both times forward or both times backward, right?


Well, what if déjà vu really IS once forward and once backward? What if the TRUE déjà vu phenomenon happens because you actually see a piece of your life go both directions?


I probably should not have watched the time travel movie Déjà Vu with Denzel Washington last night, but it got me thinking! What if I told you that déjà vu really was somewhat like time travel...or more like a delay in your movement through time? I hardly got sleep last night because I came up with this.


Most people think that the déjà vu feeling comes from some kind of glitch in your memory - some kind of encoding glitch where you end up feeling like you remember something when it never really happened. But what if it really did happen? What if you are ACTUALLY living your life forward and backward simultaneously while you have déjà vu? What if, instead of a glitch in memory, it is a glitch in your movement through time?


Think of time as a constant. Picture time as an audio recording that keeps going at the same speed. Pretend there is no way to speed it up or slow it down. Ok, now add a picture to that sound - like a movie. You have the sound and the picture going together simultaneously and they are both going at the exact same speed. Ok, now let's say you are the picture, time is the sound. Let's pretend again that there is absolutely NO way to slow down the sound. But let's also pretend that the picture CAN slow down. Let's say that something happens where the picture does slow down. The sound gets ahead of the picture. Soon you are seeing a slower moving picture and the sound stays the same. This goes on for 5 seconds. Now, suddenly someone fixes the problem. The picture is now moving at the SAME speed as the sound BUT the picture was not sped up to catch up to where it should be with the sound. So the picture is now 5 seconds behind the sound. The picture will continue to stay at 5 seconds behind the sound.


Now think from the perspective of the picture when the sound was moving faster than the it. The picture OBVIOUSLY saw the sound pass it. (I know pictures can't "see" but you get my point!) But how did it see the sound pass it? It wouldn't see it going past forwards!


Let's say this movie has 3 parts in that 5 second stretch. Part 1 is where a girl picks up an apple. Part 2 is where she takes a bite. Part 3 is where she puts it down. If the picture was lagging behind the sound, those 3 parts would have passed by the picture BEFORE the picture got to them! But since the picture and sound were both traveling in the same direction, the sound would have passed the picture as so: first part 3, then part 2, then part one. So, from the picture's perspective, you would have seen the girl put the apple down, then take a bite and then pick it up. Then, once the picture is going at the same speed as the sound again, it will pass through those parts as it would have normally. It goes through part 1 then 2 then 3. So the girl picks up the apple, takes a bite, then puts it down. BUT, the sound had already passed, so the picture had already seen those parts in reverse!


Now, pretend the sound is time and you are the picture. Say you were that person eating the apple! Say you somehow got into a glitch and you moved slower than time...but you still moved. Then it got fixed later and you were moving at the same rate as time was, but behind. Time would have gone through the parts with the apple, but you had yet to go through them. YOU would have already seen those parts in reverse, but now you go eat your apple and you have déjà vu because you have already seen it.


How is this simultaneous? Well, think about that picture and that sound. While you are watching that movie, you are still SEEING the part where she picks up the apple AT THE SAME TIME as you are HEARING her put it down. It is going through it all at the same time, but just at different speeds. Now, why wouldn't you keep having déjà vu as long as time is ahead of you? Well, you must take the difference of time's speed and your speed the whole time you are moving slower. The whole time you are moving slower, you are seeing the reverse of something. Once it is fixed, you won't be seeing the reverse anymore. That means you will only have déjà vu of the things that passed you while you were moving slower. So, in other words, the longer you have a déjà vu experience, the longer the stretch was where you were moving slower than time!


It is a weird concept to think of, but to understand it, you need to think of yourself as seperate from time. You need to think of time as something that is moving at a constant rate and you are being pulled by it. You are both moving through the 4th dimension at the same rate. What causes you to somehow lag behind at a moment? Who knows. But that will be my next project! ;D"

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Fascinating :)


Or it could be that the event, rather than entering your memory after you consciously experience it is bypassing this and jumping directly to your memory before your consciousness giving you a memory of the event as well as the experience itself.

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Oh yeah LOL this thread definitely belongs in this forum instead...oops:doh: yeah that sounds logical too. I think there are several reasons that people get this experience...I doubt there is one single thing that causes it. I just love to speculate!! Well, at least it fascinated someone:D :D

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