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what would you call this type of thinking?

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Im trying to think of what you could call this kind of thinking:

"whatever, we're all going to die anyway"


Its not necessarily pessimistic (well, sorta, but an extreme form), or nihilist...


I was wondering, because if any of you have seen ATHF, there is one episode with the dolls, and Meatwad takes on the depressive doll's character. Frylock comes in and says something, and Meatwad replies "well whatever, we're all gonna die anyway" - or something very similar.


so dont worry, that's not my view on life. lol


thanks :)

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It depends on the context.


"I'm sorry mr Jones, there's nothing we can do... I'm afraid you only have three months"


"well whatever, we're all gonna die anyway" (philosophical)



"Swine! You WILL tell us the Identity and location of your friends in the resistance! If you do not, you will be shot as a spy!"


"well whatever, we're all gonna die anyway" (stoic)



"This is of vital importance. I can't order any of you to go, and it's almost certain none of you will be coming back"


"well whatever, we're all gonna die anyway" (heroic)



Or, it could be just a general observation. In which case, it's just accurate. ;)

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Unfortunately I find myself using this reasoning whenever thinking 'longterm'.

I mean, I usually do whatever is 'right', but I have to stop myself from thinking "Why does it matter, I'm going to die anyway..."


"I don't want to achieve immortality through my films, I want to achieve it by not dying"

-Woody Allen


What you have is a classic case of nihilism.

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i think what he meant was "do you know that standing in the sun for more than half-n-hour can give you sun burn Sunny?" , "whatever, we're all gonna die anyways" he replies.


One way to look at this is the comment tries to neutralize inflated fear by accepting the worse of all humans fears. If you are afraid to eat that cake because it contains white sugar, processed flour or fat, one has created a fear almost at par with the fear of death. This is irrational because it lacks perspective, since that small amount of white sugar, processed flour and fat is projected all the way to sickness, a heart attack, and death. It is a valid concern, but any exaggeration is irrational. We are all going to die, quote, tries to give one perspective. For example, the cut on my finger hurts so much, until someone steps on my toes. Now the cut's pain has perspective on a relative scale. It now harder to inflate that pain.


Sometimes the death that is feared is not physical death by symbolic death. It has less to do with the body as with an ego state of mind. For example, not eating that cake because of the sugar and fat may allow one to be alive as part of an interactive social reality. The fear of death can be connected to a symbolic death in the sense, where stepping out of the boundaries, could cause one to become like a symbolic ghost unable to connect in the same way with those still living there. It could be guilt or a sudden change of heart, sort of a symbolic heart attack. One may have to reincarnate the ego so they can appear alive in another group reality. Now protein is the key!


In terms of the way the brain works, the ego can use thoughts to generate emotions. For example, one can think about home and generate feelings of comfort. The body sort of works the other way around. Hunger starts with biofeedback in the body. The hunger feeling will induce the idea we need to eat, maybe offering suggestions in terms of cravings for pizza. What can happen is the ego can generate an emotion and the emotion can be used to reinforce the mind. The result can be almost a resonance loop that gets louder and louder. That little cut on the finger now requires calling 911. The stomp on the toe, helps disrupts the loop because the focus of the ego shifts away from the loop to the toe. "We are all going to die" is the trump of all fear loops because nobody in their right mind will try to reach resonance.

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