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Is possible to get more Amps if I have some volts?


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Hi, I have a question

Suposse that I have a device that produces 500 Volts at 0.1 Amps. There is any device that I can transform that 500 Vols at 0.1 Amps, in higher Amps?


I think that if I want to up the Amps, I must lower the Volts? I don´t know if I´m explaning it ok or not. I´m going to put an example:


I have 1500 Volts at 0.2 Amps, Can I transform to... 300 Volts at 1 Amp?

What device I must to employ to do that?

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a Transformer is indeed what you need!

take the Voltage available and multiply that by the current, that will give you the total Power.


then divide That number by the amount of Amps you want out, that will tell you how many Volts you will get.


compare the Input now with the desired Output and that will give you transformer ratio that you will need.



pretty simple eh ;)


(unless you want to get Fancy and factor in Time as well, but that`s a different story).

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