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invasion of the flies


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so, i've found about 20ish flies in my room today :-/


my current theories are:


1/ the recent really stormy weather woke the buggers up from hybernation and they're currently taking shelter in my room as i have an unclosable vent leading directly outside that they can get in through, or


2/ some rat or mouse has done me the favour of dying under my floorboards, and it's now haemorraging flies. i usually have my window open and i smoke in my room, so i guess i wouldn't neccessarily recognise any wierd smell...


anyone know about flies? would they behave like that in a storm, or am i going to have to tear my floor-boards up and look for corpses?


also: any tips on killing of them? i've been going for hair-spray and a rolled-up newspaper, although i've now just hung fly-paper up and made a tacticle withdraw downstairs, where i'll be sleeping till they're gone (hate flies... yuk!)

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yeah... i hate spiders, but i usually leave the web-making ones alone 'cos they catch flies.


hrm... their numbers seem to be going down... weird :confused: but i'm not complaining. I guess i'll keep killing them and hope they're all gone in a few days (vaccume cleaners make a good anti-fly weapon btw). better get used to sleeping on the couch in the interim :-(


i hate flies :mad:

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