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Materials for gas permeable membrane


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Im looking for a material that can achieve a moldable, low viscosity liquid phase and then solidify into the shape i want. It has to be transparent, able to absorb... or hold... water, highly gas permeable, and biologically inert.


We've experimented with Nafion, various RTV Silicone rubbers, and agarose. Anyone have anything else that might come to mind? Just looking to broaden horizons here :)

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Some gases are large molecules, while others are smaller. What gases do you want it to pass or stop?


I have used a thin, flexible, porous Teflon membrane and vacum to remove atmospheric gases from aqueous solutions. It was used in various biological assays and worked fine.


I got the idea from HPLC degassing systems. For example http://www.labhut.com/products/hplc/degassers/index.php


EDIT: I just remembered that disposable contact lenses are gas permeable. I forget the exact polymer....but it is a hydrogel....you might want to google gas permeable contact lense.

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