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Sodium Hypochlorite NaOCL


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Is it possible to pass a chlorine gas (NOT LIQUID) on NaOH to get NaOCL ?

For example i have 500 G of NaOH and 300 CM3 of CL2 so if i mixed them i get NaOCL ?

I really want to try this one

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Yes, using chlorine gas, you can bubble it through a solution of NaOH to obtain sodium hypochlorite. The reaction should be carried out in the cold in order to prevent degradation of the hypochlorite.


NaOH Soultion! it's a powder that i have

should i dissolve it with water to get NaOH solution



2NaOH + Cl2 -> NaCl + NaOCl + H2O ... so I guess it works.

Is there any way to separate it from NaCL?

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don`t heat it! (either of them for that matter).


NaOH(s) will heat anyway upon hydration, and heating NaOCl will result in the breakdown of it to form NaClO3 and more NaCl.


That's happen to me last time when i heated the bleach (NaCLO + Water) :-( i get NaCLO3 with mass of bubbles

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I was thinking of heating the solution, because NaCl dissolves weakly in hot, so it would remain as a precipitate!

Don't heat the solution, as mentioned, this will cause the decomposition of the hypochlorite.


By cooling the solution, you will obtain a precipitate of NaCl, which can easily be filtered out, and you will be left with your hypochlorite solution.

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Its not that hard to get liquid chlorine.... Just use dry ice in some acetone in a large beaker and then have a test tube held by a clamp in that 'mixture'. Then have a tube feeding chlorine into the test tube and the chlorine will liquefy because its boiling point is -34.4 °C, and dry ice is colder than −78 °C. This way you don't need water in the equation.


But it decomposes unless aqueous... so it wouldn't do much in this situation. It also decomposes a little over 100 °C IIRC... the hypochlorites just aren't very stable


And I have looked all over the web for your heat of formation, but I can't seem to find it....

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