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My PC is acting weird. I now have 12.9 GB free hard disk space in C drive,2.59 GB free in D and 1.75 GB free in E. Three days ago, I formated my C drive and installed a new copy of windows. Same day, I had a problem of "Generic Host error" frequent popup. I tried a few things(a few virus and spyware scans) and then I tried to repair windows. I got the error message "windows can't access a mass storage device and may ask you for drivers during setup" and after sometime, setup will terminate. So, I took the easy way out of re-formating the C drive and this time I installed a different copy of windows. On same day, when I used the restart button on CPU, I couldn't login after restart. Windows booted and after that there was a black screen and that was all, but windows let me login in safe mode. In safe mode, I tried system restore but got the message "Need at least 200 MB disk space, system restore was enable to restore your system to given restore point". At that time, free space in C was almost 9 GB and all other drives also had free space in GBs. I again took the easy way out and re-formatted the C drive again and this time I used that copy of windows which I had been using for quite some time before my first format( before the generic host error windows). Now the problem is that I am getting error messages like "Can't hibernate not enough resources available" and while playing an old game I got a message like "you may face graphic issues,minimum requirement of 140 MB of virtual memory not fulfilled"



I am using Windows XP(SP 2)and my windows are installed in C drive. I have one hard disk of 80 GB and 1 GB RAM. Please help.



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