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Making Potassium Perchlorate


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Is there a way to make Potassium perchlorate from Potassium chlorate, or would it be easier to make it from mixing solutions of Sodium perchlorate and Potassium chloride? Also, the latter causes the formation not only of Potassium perchlorate but also Sodium chloride. How would I go about separating the two?




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theyre both quite as soluble. so forget filtration. the diferences in a solution are barely different in numbers (etc. t for recovery in crystal). it is hard. but possible. basicly you must find the biggest diference and use for whatever u figure (etc. solubility). check out both substances in literature. but to answer the question its barely posible to 'neutralize NaCl'.

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Essentially there are two methods of making KClO4 from KClO3.


1. Electrolysis of KClO3 soln.,(rather similar to the production of KClO3 from KOH). A small amount of KClO4 would form at the anode.


2. Careful thermal decomposition of KClO3. The yield is much better but the procedure is a bit risky.

KClO3 must be pure FREE from organic material!

KClO3 is then slowly heated until it almost liqufies and hold constant at about that temperature.


4 KClO3 -> 3 KClO4 + KCl


When the temp. gets too high KClO3 will start to decompose into KCl and O2.


CAUTION! Presence of organic material in the crucible or in KClO3 can cause explosion during heating.

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