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If the technology was there and you could afford it, would you want to live forever?  

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  1. 1. If the technology was there and you could afford it, would you want to live forever?

    • Absolutely
    • Probably
    • Probably not
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I chose absolutely, but then began to read some other people's opinions. I didn't take this into worldwide consideration. I mean, I don't want everyone else to be immortal, just a select few? If I were immortal, I would get the chance to further my education in all aspects, become rich, live out all my fantasies and dreams, I would have unlimited time, thus unlimited time to make money to fuel my desires.


If it were people that would put it to good use--yes. Otherwise, I wouldn't want a bunch of immortal McDonald's workers who intended to stay like that and have babies they couldn't afford to raise forever.

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I always wonder about the philosophical implications of immortality whenever it's brought up... How death is a part of life, is required to maintain innovation and change, is a necessary part of the cycle of existence, etc, etc, etc...



But then I realise that despite all this, I really would, in fact, like to live forever.


Yeah, so maybe I would get bored eventually - but I'd far rather let an increasing boredom with all that existence has to offer be the cue for my demise than the increasing inefficiency of my cellular replication.



Oh, but that said, I do feel immortality should be a privelege rather than a right. I realise such a system would have a huge amount of potential problems, but I'd still rather be one of a few deserving immortals (although I realise this would subjective to an extent) amongst masses of useless-but-rich immortals, than a mortal unwilling to involve myself in such an abused system.

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I think fear of death is more like the fear of the unknown. Nobody really knows what happens... sure everybody likes to think there is an afterlife, to make dying les scary, but the truth is that nobody knows. I think the not knowing what's going to happen during death would make me wish for immortality more then any other factor, including the potential pain invovled, etc.

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