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Scientists vs. Normal People

Cap'n Refsmmat

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All in favor of making a rule against linking to Billy Joel music videos for no apparent reason, say aye.
Oh aye.


It's funny how many people think dissension is controversy and therefore interesting.

p.s. censorship comes in all shapes and sizes, no big deal.
Discussion forums get bogged down with off-topic posts and spam links. It wastes other's time. Your censorship argument is vacuous and I have the feeling you posted the links knowing you'd get called on it eventually just so you could play the free speech card.


Martyrs usually need something endearing about them to appeal to those whose pity they crave.

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That's hilariously accurate. Probably exactly how I would react. [Try not get near ladders around me for your own safety everyone]. Are we sure that there wouldn't be someone at fault for sure? Are there rules stating someone must provide a quick and sufficient explanation during a crisis and then wrap it up? If not and this act has led to some unfortunate event are there some force of law be able to pursue? I honesty wouldn't know how to say slang most of the time. If I had to phone the '911' service I would be worried about stating exact whereabouts, timing and structuring of the problem occurring. I would give such details they would be telling me to shut up. And there would be the end of many I suppose. sorries. I am beginning to think more and more like a computer. :P

The first cartoon was really funny. It reminds me of something I have heard. One of my high school english teachers told me this one. There is something called the English teacher disease. It can be deadly is situations such as this: You are about to fall off a ladder that is unstable and all you need to say is "Help!" to your buddy quick enough so that he can grab the ladder and make it steady. But instead of using quick, blunt words, you are an English teacher. You end up saying "Could someone please give me some assistance in steadying this ladder which is about to be taken down to the ground by gravity, causing me injury and possible death?" By the time you finish the sentence, you are already injured or dead.


But of course I still am not advanced with mathematics. I favor descriptions.

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