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Samsung SCH-i760 or LG Voyager?


Which is the better smartphone for me?  

  1. 1. Which is the better smartphone for me?

    • Samsung SCH-i760
    • LG Voyager

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This note is as much for helping me organize my thoughts as it is for you helping me form a decision.


The question regards what model smartphone should replace my current (admittedly basic) phone, and as I see it, I have two very good options from my carrier (Verizon Wireless): The LG Voyager and the Samsung SCH-i760. I am looking to consolidate my gadgets in an attempt to preserve crucial pocket space. Currently, I've got my Zire 71 Palm Pilot, my cell, and my iPod; as I see it, my best option is to replace both my cell and Zire 71 with a smartphone, rather than replace my iPod and cell with a multimedia phone (as none can offer me the kind of memory capacity that my iPod can). See ("Organization") below for some of the functions I need my new phone to fulfill.


The i760 got my pants all tight back when I had first heard about it, but after months of waiting for news of its production, I had basically given up hope, until, that is, recently.


I heard about the LG Voyager only a few weeks ago and thought I had found a good alternative, but I'm still not sure about the organizational capabilities it offers, so I'm looking for some input. Obviously it's a cool phone, but I need more than cool, I need efficient connectivity, speed, and a lot of features.


Both phones are now available and price really isn't a huge consideration, so it comes down to compatibility and features.


Here's what I want:


  • Good call quality. A good volume range so when I go deaf, I won't have to ask people to yell. Speaker phone has also proven useful in the past, so it's something I'd like to continue to have.
  • Good battery life. I probably won't be taking it anywhere for too long without a charger, but it should last me at least a weekend without power.
  • A decent camera. I like to take pictures of things; silly things, artsy things, cool things, inspiring things, naked women (just kidding. maybe.)
  • Connectivity. Of course I need text-messaging, but that's no problem with either of them. What I do appreciate is Wi-Fi and Internet Browsing (including Email); the more connected I can be, the better. GPS is interesting, but not necessary, as most places I'll find myself lost, I can just as well ask somebody where something is.
  • Organization. I'm looking to replace my Zire 71 Palm Pilot. It's sweet, but old and glitchy. I need something that can act as my assignment tracker, day planner, notepad, voice-memo recorder, calculator, and media player comes last.
  • Expandability. Both phones have options for expanded memory (in the form of Micro-SD, meaning I can stick up to 8 gigs in either for whatever I desire), but the i760 works on Windows Mobile 6 while the Voyager has its own operating interface, which I'm not very experienced with when it comes to recording, exporting, importing, or playing media, neither am I entirely certain whether Windows Mobile 6 has all the capabilities of Windows XP, in terms of executing software.
  • Compatibility. I want harmonics when it comes to communication. I really don't need to be tied up with issues of incompatible hardware, software or firmware. I work with Windows XP, and it's served me well. I want my phone and my computer to be able to communicate without snags, something that I'm betting I'll have an easier time with if I choose the i760 (being that it runs a version of Windows Mobile). For things like syncing my assignment and event planner, Email contacts, To-Do lists, Voice memos, I'm going to need phone and computer to work together seamlessly.


A preemptive 'Thanks' to everyone who helps me to mull this one over.

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