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Staphylococcus aureus


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With staph being in the news recently I was wondering about the pathology of S. aureus other than that of the formation of suppuration and absecess. I was also curious, the super staphs as they are called are resistant to oxacillin, penicillin and amoxicillin as well as other first line antibiotics, so what medication is used to fight of the infection? Also this is kinda random but I have a severe problem when it comes to medication, it dosen't work. I have tried almost every OTC medication for colds,flu, nausea, headache, and everything else, but none of the medication has any effect. It is at such a point that not even caffine pills, coffe, or energy drinks will work for me.(I don't use them very often or in large quantities) When I was young I contracted severe Upper Resp. Penumonia, it almost killed me because the medication wasn't working like it should (They kept having to up the mg dose). More recentlly I tore a ligament in my ankle they had me on Ibuprofen, neproxin, vicodin, and percocet. None of them had any effect on me. Im not trying to be melodramatic but it worries me that I did not respond to palliative treatment. Right now im mainly concerned with contracting a Super Staph and how long I would have to live. :-(

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Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? If someone thinks that they're taking the actual medicine but instead are taking a placebo for a disorder they THINK they have, then the placebo works for them. I think it could be the same, just that your body thinks it won't work, therefore it rejects the medicine. *shrug* I dunno, just a though. Could be just plain ol' rejection. How many doctors did you see about it?


About the staph, the disease itself isn't that hard to kill outside of the body, so the chances of getting it are slim. How many actual cases have you heard of it? Compared to the 300 million people in America?


About MRSA... Linezolid is a treatment, Teicoplanin also. IF you get it, probably around five days. I cannot be so sure about that one.


I hope I answered some questions.

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