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Beware "deionised" water


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well I`de sumise that this stuff Was distilled, and it says it`s for car batts and clothes irons so you don`t get limescale.

Chlorine is a battery killer too though.


I should have tested it 1`st to make 100% sure, but you buy a product in good faith.


so unless you buy it and test it yourself, there`s really no way of knowing :(

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Lab water is a funny thing. Biologists always worry about BOD and some hardly think about resistivity. Chemists and EEs often worry about resistivity and may not give BOD a second thought. I know for a fact that many semiconductor mfg lines have great resistivity readings but there are critters growing in some of their lines due to dead legs in the loops. I've seen the water glow from the flourescent bacteria growing in it.


Being a biologist/chemist hybrid of sorts, I always worry about both BOD and resistivity. And I only trust water that comes out *my own* Millipore MilliQ system. I let it run until >18 Mohm and I know that it could be contaminated with waste products from little critters in the exit line, even though it has a 0.22 micron end filter, because that is outside the UV light/ion exchange/charcoal recirculation loop.

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well I intend to buy another one and test it empirically, that way I can rule out contamination from maybe an airborne source in the chem stock room, there is a Very slight "Chemical" smell in there (as there is in all the chem stock rooms I`ve been in).


when I can entirely rule it out as a cause, then Yes, I shall be seeking legal advice.


I`m not interested in getting money for it, I probably wouldn`t anyway, BUT there will be an issue about sales to folks that buy it in good faith for their Car Batts!


Chlorine is a Battery killer.

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