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Need Help!


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I have been dealing with a question for a very long time now and I can seem to word it correctly to find sources on the net to read up on, so I was hoping someone actually educated in physics could simply give me a pointer.


I come from a biological background, and well physics is still and interest to me in a great many ways. To make the story short via evolution one can find connections of affinities between organisms. When reading up on physics I find stuff that with an uneducated eye seems to appeal to me as somewhat the same. I have no idea though what I am talking about but I am greatly interested in anyone that has studied for lack of better words why natural phenomena in nature seems to be related in that essence if I am anywhere near correct on it. I wont go as far as to say I am looking for the study into the phylogeny of natural phenomena but something similar. I have read up on studies that deal with nucleosynthesis but that’s not exactly what I am looking for.


So basically if anyone has more of a clue then I as to what I am talking about in regards to study in physics and happens to know any links I would greatly appreciate such if you could give them to me.


Thanks for reading this also.

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That’s just the thing, I don’t know how to define it any better I guess.


To try to shorten the post, basically I am looking for any information or models that treats nature I guess for lack of better words as an evolving entity in regards to a particle in it to collections of such, from planets to stars, basically everything. I am hoping that whatever it is if such exists deals with such on a QM basis.


Anyways, thanks for the replies.

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is anyone out there who can help me with some homework?


There is a homework forum on the site. Make a thread there describing the assignment and you will get help. We will not do your homework for your, but we will guide you toward the answer and give help.

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