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Limewire viruses


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Quick question guys. I downloaded Limewire and I was so thrilled there was one music download thing that was free and didnt have viruses. I was quickly proved wrong though as when I tried downloading some Foo Fighters my computer froze and guess what? Now my question is, what really beats me is why Limewire puts viruses on it’s software, whats the point? Now after getting multiple viruses I am never going to upgrade the Limewire software. cause a) I have to pay and b) it has viruses. And BTW anyone know any music downloading software that dosent have viruses or sites that wont screw up my computer every time I download a song?


And anyway how did they get the viruses and can I sue them or something?


Feel free to add anything you want about Limewire and viruses

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You must make sure you got limewire from the actual limewire site, or from somewhere like download.com because there are MANY virus-laden versions of limewire out there. however, i didnt know you could put viruses in music formats?


Anyway, there are alternate methods for music. you can use google to find music. try this site where you can put in the name of a song or artist, and see if there are any copies you can get of it from the net. However, this is quite likely illegal for all the music you find, and you may not always get heaps of results.


edit:the alternate method is to type it in by hand:


intitle:"index of" +mp3 +"name of artist or song" -html -htm -php -asp

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yes important to remember that. with limewire, you can turn on the filtering so as to only show legal downloads. However, with the google method, it is impossible to tell unless you actually go onto the site to check.


a cool thing though is many bands nowadays offer a few free songs on their websites for downloads, as tasters.

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I used to use it as well... I'm well rid of all p2p sharing software now.


You never know where your getting files from. And, it's not worth the risk anyway, in terms of legality and computer illness.

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