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which is better? MP3 or Ipod


Which is better: an Ipod, or an MP3 player  

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  1. 1. Which is better: an Ipod, or an MP3 player

    • Ipod Shuffle
    • Ipod Nano
    • Ipod Video (30gb or 80gb)
    • MP3 Player
    • MP4 Player
    • Old radio player!

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I was thinking the other day when I was reading another thread about macs. So I decided to start this thread.


I felt I needed to get a new music/audio player because I have one of those bulky handheld radios from the 90's. So I wanted to know which is better out of these:


MP3 player (i'll be getting the 2 or 3 gb ones if I'm goona get a MP3 player)

MP4 player (they're so cool, it's got a tv screen like-thing.


an Ipod which type would be the best. like a ipod nano or a shuffle or one of those 80gb video ones. they cost a fortune though!


or just a new plain old radio player that can't fit in your pocket!:D


Or should I not even get one at all and listen on the internet

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what I’m trying to say (with great difficulty) is that what type of ipod or MP player is the best value for money, and which ones work the best, eg my Sony NWE013FN MP3 Walkman - 1GB Flash Memory with FM Tuner cost me $799 but it’s really bad so don’t buy it.. Or you could say what you’re favourite type or audio player is and vote for it, ok?

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i had a pre iPod .mp3 player. it lasted my perfectly till last week when i dropped it and te battery started leaking(i can still use the drive funnily enough though it is throwing out errors.)


i know several iPod devotees who have went through around 6 or 7 iPods in the same length of time. not because there was a new iPod out but because the damn things broke. we used the respective mp3 players about the same number of hours per week.

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When I was young, we didn't have any of these new fangled, portable music playing contraptions......we had to make our own music by beating rocks and sticks together......when we weren't too busy doing something important like killing wolly mammoths or inventing fire.

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