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What have you heard about belgium?


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Do you mean separating the flemmings and the walloons? It is not really a big deal to me. Living in England, we have enough trouble with the scots, welsh and Irish nationalists/separationists. The Spanish have their Basque separatists too. the flemmings and walloons have different languages, and the french speakers seem to identify with france.


On a lighter note, the Dutch have always made jokes about the Belgians. If Belgium ceases to exist, the dutch will have to pick on someone else. That will confuse them.


Was not belgium a rather artificial cobbling together not so long ago anyway? Perhaps it is time to un-cobble it.


If the bureaucratic leviathan of the euro-state has its way we will all lose our rather inconvenient national identities anyway. Perhaps belgium, as good little euro-boys will set an example to euro-sceptics like me.

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It's funny how there seems to be simultaneous "breaking up" and "joining together" tendencies going on. As in, they don't want to be part of Belgium, but they do want to be part of the EU. "Sure, we want to be part of a supernational pseudo-sovereignty, but not if we have to arrive in the same car as you guys."


...of course, I really haven't been following this, so that might not be how it is at all....

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Curix, why don't you post some links and perhaps a summary for us? It sounds like interesting food for discussion.



Sorry I was absent some days, my PC crashed. Yes I can give you some links but they are in dutch.

And yes, it is a very interesting discussion, will it be good for flanders to seperate?

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