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According to YouTube, you cannot:



Can I download videos to watch later?

No, currently you can't download our videos to your computer. YouTube's video player is designed to be used within your browser as an Internet experience. As an alternative to downloading, you can temporarily save videos to watch later by adding them to your QuickList. If you'd like to save them more permanently, login and click "Save to Favorites" under the videos you'd like to keep.


More at: http://www.google.com/support/youtube/bin/topic.py?topic=10516



However, by doing a Google search for "YouTube Download," there appear to be many applications which claim to do this for you. I have never used any of them, and advise caution.

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certain web sites can rip the files but they record them as a rare filetype. in my opinion the best video player is a korean program called kmplayer. it is a similiar program to winamp. it will play all filetypes, from DVD to realplayer to quicktime to wmv. its the only video player i have installed on my computer and it will play those files recorded from youtube by the websites that rip them.

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Guys, seriously.

Keep posts legal.

References to the personal commitment of an illegal activity are forbidden' date=' with the following qualifications:


c. Discussion of methods to circumvent restrictions made at any level, including school Internet filtering or parental controls, is prohibited.

Accessing User Videos for any purpose or in any manner other than Streaming is expressly prohibited.
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Guys, seriously.


Have you expressly accepted the YouTube TOS? I haven't.


Federal court precedent (in the US) regarding deep linking to-date has supported deep linking and has not upheld an implicit acceptance of accepting TOS by accessing a resource on a web server. As far as US law is concerned the TOS applies to those who have expressly accepted it, i.e. those who have signed up for an account.


In the UK YMMV, but here the court precedent is in favor of deep linking.

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Here's how you can do it:


Go to Javimoya.com

Get the youtube link.

Enter the link into the correct field, and select youtube as the video hoster.

Click on the download button and wait for the download to begin.

You will need an FLV player to play the videos.


Alternatively you can download a plugin for Firefox that can download the video when you are viewing it. Just search firefox video downloader on Google and you should find the plugin...


Hope that helps ;)

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