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hmmmm... someone ate my last Jolly Rancher gummy...


*opens box* You have messed with the wrong person! Fig Newtons! ATTACK!!!! *fig newtons march out of box, guns blazing*


OREOS!!!! ATTACK!!!! *oreos march out making gutteral yelling sounds with rpgs flying on ahead of them*

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I'm going to leave soon because Heroes is on soon but I'll be here during the commercials.


That was me. Chewy!


NUCLEAR WAR!!! I will drop a nuclear bomb on Oreopia!! You and you're army will perish!!


*drops nuclear warhead on YOU!!!! and counters nuclear missile by firing a patriot missile* WHAT NOW!!!!

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I too have a secret weapon! Are you ready funnel cakes? ATTACK!!!!! *funnel cakes charge with gas masks on as wave of gas suffocates donuts* wait... DONUTS DON'T BREATH!!!! QUICK!!! FIRE YOUR MORTARS AND MACHINE GUNS!!!!! *hailstorm of mortars appears out of nowhere accompanied by stream of bullets*


You guys are really off topic and I'd like to know... why?


We're having a cyber war because he ate my last jolly rancher gummy. A rerun of heroes is on so I'm not leaving yet.

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But you ate my Fig Newtons! *erects forcefield* HOW DO YOU LIKE SCIENCE FICTION!?!? My donut warriors are safe! Prepare for an attack by my traitorous truffles! *truffles appear behind you* Take THAT! And you thought they were on your side... Tch tch tch...

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