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Flux trapping effect of superconductors


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When a magnet is placed directly over a super conductor it will display properties of levitation. If the magnet is removed, the super conducting material will still display these properties. This is known as the flux trapping effect.


My question is how do you reset the super conductor to its original state. Is it as simple as raising the temperate above the material's critical temperature?


Also is there any way to avoid the flux trapping altogether and have a material that is purely diamagnetic?

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Bismuth may be a material that exhibits the characteristics you seek.


Flux trapping is actually a forceful realignment of the electron orbits in the superconductor. It is similar to forcefully repositioning a gyroscope. Once set it requires the same level of force to reset it.


In my theory, electrons follow harmonic ripples in space-time created by nucleonic vibrations. Changing the temperature of the nucleus alters the vibrational frequency resulting in different electron paths and spins. Adding energy from ones hand by pushing the magnetic field (curved space) into the proximity alters the paths of the electrons causing a lower resistance pathway when the field is present. This interlocks the orbits to the field for the given densities in interaction of the individual electron's magnetic fields.





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