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Sodium Acetate Crystalization Process


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Hello everyone,


I am new to this site. I'm not a chemisty student, in fact, I'm not a student at all. I'm working on a project and wanted to incorporate this process into a product I'm trying to develop.


Is there a way to control the heat source? I know that it can reach 130F. Is that the limit? Can it be liquified without boiling? Once the crystalization process is complete, is there a way to cause the opposite reaction that would get it back to its original liquid state?


Please give me your thoughts.





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To control the heat source, as long as the sodium acetate is in the liquid form, it will not heat up. Once the crystalization process begins, the heat that was stored will be released, causing the temperature to rise to ~ 55 C (yes, this is the limit).


To reliquify the sodium acetate, one must heat it to 55C or above.

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