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Frozen water = dirty water?


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I noticed that when I freeze a bottle of water and then thaw it out, it is filled with little floaties. Does anyone know what this is? The water is crystal clear before freezing. It is in a sealed, unopened, plastic bottle. I've tried different brands of water and the same thing happens.

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Put some of the previously unfrozen bottled water into a non plastic container and freeze it. Pour the thawed out water into a clear glass and look for the 'floaties'. If it has got 'floaties' in it then it is precipitated mineral solids, as Insane Alien suggests, but if it is clear then it's fragmented plastic from the bottle caused by the freezing process.


Post back your findings won't you?

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99% of the time I'm looking at 'New Post's' or 'Today's Posts' so I more often than not assume the threads are current without date checking...Caleb's obviously trawled through past posts looking for something and not realized the date.


It's interesting that. that subject has arisen twice, to my knowledge, so far.......vj4him in another recent thread thought it was plastic after using non-plastic containers with clear results.

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