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Burning Sugar


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Hello, I have big problem: In the country where I live: Belgium, It is very hard to find Kno3-, NaClO3-,KClO3-, etc-like stuff. Even worse, You can't buy many products with alot of "O". So after months of searching, I gave up.


But recently I saw a video of burning sugar, and I thought: That's almoast thesame as burning KNO3!!. And I tried and tried, but my sugar does only melts.


So my question is, how do I burn sugar? (Or can you give me an other good oxidator?)



(sorry for the bad english, I normally don't speak english, and I don't have much time.)

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sugar can be quite hard to set fire to, it needs a site to start from usually.

if you get some plain cigarette ash and add that to the top of the sugar pile, you can light it quite easily.

it likes a little bit of carbon to start it.

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well after 2 packs of matches, I finally got the sugar burning (with ash from leafs) but it wasn't what I expected. It was like a pile of boiling black juice, not the bright orange flames that I have seen in the video.

But Is there an alternative thing for KNO3 or KClO3 or NaClO3? Soon I will have H2NO3 so I will be able to make nitrates from normal meteals like iron,aluminium,copper etc etc, will that be thesame as KNO3 and the others?

With ammonium, I should be able of making NH4(NO3) but I am afraid that that is too good.

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H2NO3 eh!


Fascinating! never heard of it??? and if it`s only for making nitrates then it`s a waste of good Hydrogen, you should try and get HNO3 (Nitric acid) it will also make Nitrates :)


and yes, when you burn sugar it does indeed look like black bubbling goop (don`t get any of it on your Skin when it`s like that Either!), next to molten plastic it`s one of the worst kind of burns to get in that catagory.

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