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Why I Think Time Travel is Impossible


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this is why i think it is possible, http://www.lifesci.sussex.ac.uk/home/John_Gribbin/timetrav.htm


again i think this debate has been going on for a while now



The ultimate proof part is not time travel in the slightest. Its just more or less something sprung from if not directly related to relativity I think. If you can maximize minimize or control in terms of time and length of such an action can take its still derived from and still adheres to the normal universe as currently understood. Its akin to making more efficient cars as nothing more really. Plus the rest of it sounds more or less like conjecture and after that basically an entire web page to support my current topic points.


We have Hubble amongst an arsenal of other equipment to probe the universe, we can actually make predictive assaults on a quantum reality and even manage to put facets of such reality into plain words that does not require a person with an advanced degree in math to understand, with all of this I am to think that for anyone in the world ever touched with the blessing of understanding that something in physics predicts time travel has never ever gotten the notion to even begin how to observe such in the wide univese not to mention figuring out even some small physically possible means to test such?


Again, I don’t know if time travel is truly impossible, but I do think so.

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so you all think it is wrong to say that in order to go back in time either there is an infinite amount of universes or by doing something to yourself you can cause the whole universe to reverse?


I don't see how going back in time could be accomplished without at least one of these two things being true.


perhaps there is no mathematical equation that demonstrates the impossibility of time travel, but that could only mean that one needs to be devised, it could only be an indication of incompleteness.


I'm not sure any of you believe you could reverse entropy, i don't think any of you believe you could anti-move, regular motion requires forward movement through time or rather causes it. for reverse movement in time you need to go slower than stopped which is a speed that does not exist, no matter what it's relative to.


but some you believe that even though physics can predict so much of the universe that at the quantum level things become random, and they make the world random, and they make our decisions random, and basically for an infinite amount of situations a random event occurs.


but then you would not say that really it is random. for your time travel to be possible, you would need every quantum event to happen every possibility to occur and branch off into new universes.


and yet nature is so predictable, most animals completely predictable, even human beings can be predictable, we can predict the weather, predict cosmic events. but if our universe is branching off into other universes infinitely then every possibility must happen if every possibility can happen nothing should be predictable.


but then you might say, well, those quantum random events only affect the brain and that's what gives us free will. well random is certainly not free will for one, and for second i don't think there is such a thing as free will. and i think that if we talked about it long enough neither would you. but many animals are predictable, life forms are predictable, only human beings are affected by these quantum random events? and these quantum random events that exist everywhere don't hurt the predictability of anything at all except for human beings? we'll see. I'm pretty sure that at some point in our lifetimes they will figure out the human genome they will know all the traits of human beings they will know what traits affect what capacities of the mind. they will know what parts of a human being's behaviour is genetic and what parts are nutured, and i think everyone else will know that there is no free will. but i obviously don't expect you to take my word for it. that discussion needs its own thread.


I don't think quantum events are random, i'm pretty sure bentheman does, and yet will not or cannot prove to me why it must be that way. if they are random they certainly could not affect the rest of the natural world because then we could not have physics or science or predictability.


I realize that science scrutinizes well and that Bentheman's inability or lack of desire to prove to me that there must be random quantum events is by no means proof that they don't exist. but i am not fully certain that they can be proved yet. and if they can be then i'm not certain what is the mechanism that prevents the rest of the universe from behaving randomly. if they weren't random and just really difficult to figure out, what would science say about them? would it say there are random events or would it say there are events that seem to be random but which are not and we haven't figured out what is causing their seemingly random behaviour yet.


I don't know, but i would really really genuinely like to see why these events are presumed random, as well as how quantum events can be random and yet the universe still predictable. this seems to me pretty basic so I've got to think that someone knows. and if someone does, then i would consider that proof enough that the universe does not branch out into a zillion different universes for every possibility of every event that occurs in the universe, since there would be only one such possibility.

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Here's my view, and it's mainly based on black holes, as they are one possibility of time travel.


As a law of physics, it is said that "information can never be lost". There are theories that black holes are capable of "losing information", as it is never able to return. In addition, it is said that if one were to enter a black hole at the speed of light, or faster, they would be able to warp - to another place and time, I think.


Can someone validate what I have just said, as I am not sure that it is correct.

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I'll tell you exactly and simply why (past) Time Travel is impossible.


It breaks the laws of thermodynamics utterly. To introduce matter into the past is to increase the amount of energy in the universe at that point.


So, if time travel was possible, Energy companies could perpetually send their coal or fuel back 10 seconds. Then, in the present, they would have twice their supply. They would repeatedly do this, doubling their total supply every time.


It's absurd to even consider.

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To Luminol


Your reasoning probably does not go far enough. It is based on a law of conservation of mass/energy/information using a mono-universe assumption.


A number of physicists are 'speculating' on a multi-universe model. In such a model, mass/energy/information might be able to be moved from universe to universe. The conservation laws remain unbroken if extended over the multiverse.


If, as earlier stated, time travel involves movement to another universe, there is no theoretical impossibility involved.


The biggest problem with the idea of time travel (which has to be into the past) is that there is no empirical evidence that it happens or can happen.

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