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Lists of compounds with the element in its formula...


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I'm referring to chlorine in this case; I read something ridiculous on a web site about sucralose "having chlorine in it just like chlorine bleach" because IIRC sucralose takes a sucrose molecule and replaces some of the hydrogen atoms with chlorine atoms to eliminate the "sugar" effect, and I wanted to provide an analogy about other compounds that contain chlorine in their chemical formula but I'm not sure if sodium chloride makes for a good analogy... whoever made that site doesn't seem to be very chemically educated (given how they compared these substances on the basis of them having a common element) but I would like a list of harmless covalent compounds with chlorine in their chemical formula so that if I find out how to contact the creator of that site (which to be fair isn't very likely, I closed out that window and now I don't even remember the site URL, but I was thinking for if I find that site) I can prove that the element chlorine isn't harmful in itself except as a diatomic arrangement and some compounds; as you might be able to tell by now I like to refute the public hysteria against artificial sweeteners.

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there are some medicines containing chlorine in a covalent bond.


in general, an atom that can be poisonous on its own can be inert in a molecule. and, in practise, everything is toxic. even oxygen will kill you if you breathe it at 100% and atmospheric pressure.


a better example would be a chlorine compound we all have in us. this compound is Hydrogen Chloride. its what is commonly reffered to as 'stomach acid' if you didn't have this your digestion would suck. also, if you have to much it can kill you.


basically, everything has a certain level at which it is perfectly safe.

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Bluenoise: Actually, the very reason for me thinking sodium chloride isn't a good analogy is a combination of things you already mentioned; it's not the same type of bond and more significantly it's good for you anyway. Also, what you said about them probably not noticing is actually what I meant by putting it mildly by not saying "whoever made that site doesn't seem to be very chemically educated" but again I wanted to make sure that I would be making a sound analogy.


insane_alien: Of course! Hydrochloric acid! Wow, I don't know why I didn't even think of that one, haha, if I find that site again I know just the analogy, thanks!

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well, i'd be careful with that one as while it is covalent as a gas, when it is dissolved to form acid it gets ionized.

I know, I know, I remember that from grade 12 chemistry class.


However, the fact that it occurs naturally in the stomach would be interestingly ironic.


Though come to think of it, I guess an analogy about another element would be a better idea; what about how oxygen and ozone both have only oxygen in their structures but the structural arragement is what determines whether it's essential or harmful?


EDIT: By the way I haven't really bothered to look for that site since, but I guess it's also a bit fun to talk about.

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well, both ozone AND oxygen are toxic. if you put the oxygen level in your room up to 100% you would have irreversible lung damage after a few days and be dead in a few more. granted, ozone would kill you within the hour but it'll still kill you.

Well, yeah, I know oxygen at too high a concentration can be harmful, but I meant in terms of one being necessary the other being more harmful.


BTW why am I getting responses here yet not in my electrolysis topic? That one needs to be answered sooner because I'd like to try electrolysis as soon as I can, I'm going off to University in a couple weeks...

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