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I think there is no denying facts from reputable sources, but even the most pro-mmgw believer must accept that facts are open to agendas from either the scientists involved or more likely the politician who presents them.

Of course. I agree with and support your point. I just hope you notice that I wasn't the one in this thread spinning them, and my reaction was toward those who were.



I think I am open minded enough to be persueded into believing GW is man made, but I have many questions and is the reason I joined SFN, because I thought there would be answers to these questions.

Please keep asking. Sometimes it's hard to soften one's words in text. Had we been face to face, I'd have realized that you were an understanding and inquisitive sort, and that we actually agree on a number of things. All too often, folks come into these forums spouting information with no support, and frequently the information they share is just wrong.


Taxes and the efficiency with which our adminstrations spend money on these issues is a very important discussion to be had. However, this thread is not in politics, it's in Ecology and Environment, and that's the focus I am trying to maintain.


Sorry if my words to you came across as harsh. I definitely do not want to scare away someone who enjoys learning and having fruitful, authentic discussions.

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