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Please do my particle homework for me


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Which of the following can you conclude about a particle labeled 904d5386-138f-4d40-b21e-3368aed9554e.gif ?


Check all that apply.

A. It has one electron.

B. It has one proton.

C. It is a beta particle.

D. It has one neutron.

E. It has one nucleon.

F. It is an alpha particle.

G. It has no neutrons.

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Hmm I am quite new to these forums too. I'll see what I can do.




This 'particle' would normally represent an element.

The number on the top is the Atomic number.

The number at the bottom is the Mass number.


Here is an example:





This element, Oxygen, has an atomic number of 8, mass number of 16.

Atomic number: the number of proton OR electrons of an element

Mass number: the number of proton AND the number of neutrons of an element.



Tell me if I am being too specific or ask more questions if you need to, I hope this helped a bit.


Dc Nilbog


Also, I might add, I just remembered from previous years of science at school; an alpha particle and a beta particle are things that are transfered from one atom to another isotope (eg: hydrogen alpha/beta particles transfering to uranium isotope to become another element). <Please correct me on this area, for I am very vague about this subject. It is fun to help, as I could flip back over my mind to my previous knowledge. I will not look further into this field as I have no interest in this topic>. Search in Websites that could have information such as this. This content is not too complex, and can be easily found on the internet. Wikipedia is usually a handy tool for these kind of questions. Becareful when you are quoting from Wiki as the content may not be reliable.



I hope this helped,


Dc Nilbog

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I must confess I've never seen a open a plea before! "Please do my homework for me"!


Do you understand that that is pretty much a guarenteed way to fail the course? Teachers give you homework in order to help you learn- often they use homework as feed-back- if people do badly on the homework on a particular topic, they review it. Almost all of your grade (in many cases ALL of it) depends on test grades, not homework. If you have someone else do your homework for you, so you turn in perfect homework despite knowing nothing about it, your teacher will think, "Great, we can go on to new material"- when you take the test and still know nothing about the material, it's too late- you fail the test and then the course.

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Do you understand that that is pretty much a guarenteed way to fail the course?


That isn't necessarily true. I did almost no homework in High School and even slept in class and got the same grades as many people who tried hard and studied. Some people just have greater aptitudes than others. Like a shirt of mine says, "Genius by birth, slacker by choice." It isn't a good way to approach school, but many people, including myself, have done so and many will most probably continue to do so in the future. Either way, this is the homework HELP forum, not the "do my homework for me" forum.

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I too didn't do a lot of homework but did OK in exams- perhaps I'm a genius perhaps I'm just lucky. The difference is that I also didn't ask my friendsto do my homework for me; not because they wouldn't have helped, but because I could have done it perfectly adequately myself.

This guy seems to be asking us to do it because he hasn't a clue. I didn't do my homework because I knew that I understood the stuff and would do OK in the tests so why bother to waste my time going over it in my own time.

That's a really important difference.

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I changed all of ih8science's thread titles so that they better reflected the content.


well done.

is he temp banned, or still here?


perhaps he will leave on his own accord?

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I changed all of ih8science's thread titles so that they better reflected the content.


You should have changed his user title from Lepton to something more appropriate, "Lazy" perhaps....

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Lepton's fine. Neutrinos are leptons. Lightweight, don't interact much except via the weak force. Muons are leptons, the discovery of which prompted Rabi to say, "Who ordered that?"



Like they say at the accelerator lab, if the standard model gauge transformation fits ...

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