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How do you make a detergent with urine as a component?

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I dont really know where to post this so I decided here coz I need help..


Hi, i'm doing my investigative project at school. I have read that the Ancient Romans used urine to clean their clothes so I came up with this idea; to make a laundry detergent with urine as a main component. My problem is how would I make one?


I prefer having powdered detergent but liquid detergent might work too. But my problem is what would I mix with the urine to make a detergent..?


That's all.. Thank you for those who would help. :)

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Bacterial dedgradation of urea (present in urine) will give ammonia.

Ammonia is alkaline enought to disolve fats so it can be used as a cleaning agent. After using this detergent you would need to rinse the cloth very thoroughly.

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