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About Apply to Oxford?


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Hi, Its been a while i haven't written; as i said i had to take exam in early june and i was just busy there. Anyway, i am begining to come to the end of myA'levels course in a years time and am going to apply for Oxford for MChem Degree. If anyone here has any information or experience of ever applying to oxford to studying at oxford please write me the neccessary details. I shall appreciate it . Thnx

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For the love of every possible facet of academia, capitalise your 'I's in your personal statement.


Also talk to your school/college, they'll have plenty to tell you.


If you can afford it then try to go an open day or something there to make sure that it's where you really want to go.


With Oxbridge there tends to be specialist courses just in the art of applying there, I don't know how useful those are.

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Well, I got in without doing the entrance exams. I'm not sure if the system still allows students to get offered a place on the basis of an interview and the school's recomendation (and, technically, the matriculation requirement of 2 "A" level grade E or better and "O" level English).

One thing to think about is that, unlike most universities, it's a 4 year course. Great if you like it but an extra year of slog if you don't. I gather that they have the biggest chem dept in Western Europe (it was only the biggest in the UK when I was there) so they must be doing something right.





will tell you some things that the official guides leave out.

(ousu is the student's union there).

I had a great time there and I hope that, wherever you choose to study, you do too.

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