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Power enhancer

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The top is powered by hand, motor.

The bottom should cancel any torque placed on it


So? It looks to me like a double hand mixer. Before the days when there were electric hand held kitchen mixers, there were machines where you turned a crank, and the gears transferred the motion to turning the paddles on the mixer. Try going to an antique store to find one. This simply looks like two of those placed back to back.


What's the big deal?

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In what sense do you think this enhances power?

As far as I can see it just uses a bunch gears (rather more than neccessary) to transfer rotation from the handle to the bottom shaft. So what?

A simple shaft and bevel gear would do a better job.

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When you try to place torque on the bottom it will cancel it all out, study the animation any torque will push up the yellow and black rods, with the green and red gears turning in different directions equaly the blue gear will cancel it out.

try makeing a model to test it.

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Sorry to have to tell you allmee, but there's no way this is ever going to work.

If it did then you could connect the output back to the input and have a perpetual motion machine. Perpetual motion machines don't work so your machine doesn't.

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