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Car Tape Converters- how do they work?

Gypsy Cake

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How do them things you can plug in tape players and attach a CD player actually work?


I understand how a tape work. It is a magnetic strip that, I think, digitally tells the reader what to play. But how does the cd player magnetise the strip and then play it immediately. Is there simply some sort of delay?




ps. sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

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the tape deck has a pick-up head in it, and a motor to pull the magnetic tape strip across it, as it does a tiny electrical current is induced in the pick-up heads coil, this then gets amplified and sent to your speakers.

in the Dummy cassette there is an electromagnet that gets power from the earphone socket on the CD player, this electro-magnet is right up close to the tape pick-up head and induces a current in it`s coil in exactly the same way the tiny magnetic parts on the tape strip moving past it do.

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