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SFN User Awards Results

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The SFN User Awards polls are closed and Klaynos would like to announce the results.


The results from the polls are now in. Congratulations to our winners:

  • Most Helpful Member: Klaynos
  • Most Improved Member: Klaynos
  • Most Enjoyable Member: AzurePhoenix (Second year in a row)
  • Best Debater: Sisyphus
  • Most Interesting Member: AzurePhoenix (Second year in a row)
  • Most Knowledgable Member: Severian

Thanks for taking part everyone' date=' hopefully this'll be done again in about a year...

And maybe the staff will do something for the winnders...

Klaynos ;)[/quote']


Congratulations to all those who won.

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Congratulations to all of the winners and thanks to all those who took the time to vote. With a bit of luck I'll actually get around to creating some graphics for you all or something :)

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Like a big, fat blue star over the user avatar >:D


Or a gaudy spinning gold one...with perhaps 'winner' flashing underneath ;)


Congratulations to the winners, you each get a virtual pat on the back...I'm sure I've said that somewhere else, anyway, well done !

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